Tools Supply

We carry a variety of different architectural model supply tools. If you would like to order, please write down the item number(s), and send us an email, or use our order form, DOC 150kb. You can also download all Scale Trees, Materials & Tools in our booklet PDF, 500kb.

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Professional all metal hot wire foam cutter. Working areas measure 15-1/4" x 12". Movable fence mitre gauge and foots witch included. Made in Japan - $495.00

#11 Replacement precision blades, 100/packages - $25.00

#1 knife with metal handle - $2.75

X2000 precision knife with rubber comfort grip - Call for quote

Gripster soft grip knife - $5.69

Dahle Super Shears. Tru-sharp technology with premium hardened soligen steel - $16.25


3M Hi-Tack 76 Spray. Adhesive single surface bond. Bonds many hard-to-hold materials such as wood, metal and glass. 18.15 oz/can - $17.86

3M Adhesive remover. Ideal for the removal of adhesive residue or for surface perparation prior to the use of adhesive. Can be used for cleaning heavy oils, grease, silicon, tar and grime. Citrus base, 5 oz/can - $16.59
3M Super 77 Multi-purpose Adhesive. The original 3M spray adhesive. Strong, translucent adhesive bonds papers, foil, card-board, foam and more. Will not wrinkle or stain. Dries quickly for permanent or non-permanent bonds. 16.75 oz/can - $12.95

3M Spray Mount Artist's Adhesive. A strong translucent adhesive that bonds a variety of materials quickly and easily. Adjustable top for a wide or narrow spray, 12.8 oz/can - $16.59


ST-595 Double Coated Tape
High strength polypropylene tape with excellent adhesion. Ideally suited for bonding styro-foam and other open cell synthetic products. Cuts easily and cleaning with hot wire cutter. 36 yard/roll.

BST-500 1" - $7.95
BST-502 2" - $17.95

3M-202 Masking Tape
Natural colored crepe paper tape for general purpose usage. 60 yard/roll.

3M-210 1/2" - $6.95
3M-213 3/4" - $7.95
3M-215 1" - $9.65
3M-217 2" - $18.50

3M-924 Adhesive Transfer
Same adesive as 3M-465 except on a small roll to fit the ATG-752 dispenser. Ideal product for fast assembly of Art-Cor or Fome-Cor contour models. 36 yard/roll.

3M-900 1/2" - $6.75
3M-902 3/4" - $8.79

3M-410 Double Coated Tape
Paper tape tissue-coated on both sides with mirror-smooth adhesive coat giving a high level of adhesion to most clean, smooth surface. Green, easy-release paper liner. 36 yard/roll.

3M-411 3/4" - $7.95

3M-465 Adhesive Transfer Tape
A film of adhesive coating on a liner of paper. Transfers easily from the liner to most smooth surfaces. Excellent product for bonding styro-foam, cuts easily with hot wire cutter. 60 yard/roll.

3M-461 1/2" - $7.50
3M-463 3/4" - $11.95
3M-465 1" - $12.95
3M-476 2" - $32.00