About Us

Immitari is an architectural model supply company. We offer a fully comprehensive line of architectural model supplies selected to accommodate the architect as well as the professional architectural model builder. we are always looking to complement our existing lines. Your suggestions are greatly welcomed.

At immitari, you will find all the materials required to build a study model, a finished model and, of course, everything in between. Plus, we have the know-how and material knowledge to make model-building an easier, more economical and enjoyable experience.

At immitari, we aim to provide our customers with consistent, high quality products and reliable, dependable service. If you have any product inquires, questions or comments or want to hire us for a project, do contact us!

    Download our immitari booklet/catalog: PDF, 500kb

Some neat facts about Immitari:

    We have been in business for over 20 years.
    We customize trees if you can't find them in our standard sizes or shapes.
    We will work with you to finish projects, even overtime to meet scheduled deadlines!


    6500 McDonough Drive
    Suite E-3
    Norcross, GA 30093